The fresh 2003 intrusion away from Iraq helped to help you crack brand new Franco-American alliance

The fresh 2003 intrusion away from Iraq helped to help you crack brand new Franco-American alliance

foolhardy (Deceive hahr dee) adj. rash; reckless; ambitious or adventurous inside the a silly ways • Sid’s rushing to your consuming building in order to rescue the new pet are both brave and you will foolhardy. • Either foolhardy acts are rewarded by grateful people; usually these are typically rewarded by disaster. foreboding (fawr BOH ding) letter. a good prescience or portent, particularly regarding one thing bad ahead • When Nan and you will Suzie went for the troubled home, both got a feeling of foreboding. • Audrey’s foreboding caused the woman to go out of the brand new canal, just a few minutes before it collapsed. forgery (FAWR joer ee) n. this new operate regarding imitating art works, money, signatures, etcetera. into intention in order to deceive • Elmyr de Hory marketed numerous pieces of art forgery so you’re able to this new museums and galleries of the globe. • His facts try in the first place informed about book Fake, by Clifford Irving, just who afterwards typed the fresh forgery out-of Howard Hughes’s autobiography. • The trick Service’s head task is to try to prevent forgery from U. [forgeries pl.]

forlorn (fawr LAWRN) adj. 1. deserted otherwise abandoned; dos. disappointed and you may lonely • Becoming marooned to your a wasteland isle would tend to make that become forlorn. • Remaining condition on altar, Harold heaved a great forlorn sigh. [-ly adv., -ness letter.]

Alice’s shriek fractured the newest close-over silence

forsake (fawr SAYK) vt. step 1. to quit; ditch (a habit, best, an such like.); 2. to exit; renounce • Which have decided to forsake their 1971 Chevy, Gerald leftover they because of the area of the path inside Timbuktu. • It behooves anyone who has already been smoking cigarettes in order to forsake that habit forthwith. • Janet vowed to forsake the woman longevity of offense and also to be a great doer of great deeds. [forsook, -n, forsaking]

fortitude (FAWR ti tood) letter. this new energy to withstand serious pain and you can misfortune calmly and you will patiently • Even though the fire’s usage of their property is actually an effective loss so you’re able to Malcom along with his relatives, it undergone it with fortitude. • It is hard showing fortitude in the face of disaster, but by definition, that is the only way one could get it done. [Syn. grit, courage]

happy (FAWR tyoo nit) adj. step one. lucky; which have all the best; with chance; dos. favorable; auspicious • Roger try lucky to have pulled the fresh new plane ahead of the fresh flight you to definitely damaged. • Sarah is really fortunate when she selected the newest successful lotto amounts. [luckily adv.]

foster (FAW stir) vt. step one. to closely increase; rear; dos. so you can feed; assist expand otherwise make; provide -adj. undergoing treatment since a certain relative, even in the event neither relevant nor used • Mickey fostered brand new colt as if they was indeed his very own kid. • Dairy farmers foster a nationwide campaign to market dairy drinking. • Dorothy and you may Al is actually foster mothers to 3 foster people. [-ed, -ing]

break (FRAK chir) vt. 1. to-break otherwise split; to compromise; dos. to help you disrupt; to split right up -letter. step one. a break otherwise cleft; dos. a cracked-away from part; fragment; 3. a cracked bone • • • • •

Matt fractured their ulna to play frost hockey. Your medical professional put Mike’s fractured hand which have a splint. Flint knives have been made by the striking two items of flint together in hopes out of fracturing a processor chip from one to form the latest blade. [-d, fracturing] [Syn. break]

S. money

versatility (100 % free dim) n. step one. the state or top-notch being clear of the command over other persons, or particular laws and regulations otherwise laws and regulations; 2. a right otherwise right • Brand new nations of one’s Americas value their independence off their previous European colonizers. • Police automobiles working take pleasure in liberty in the vehicle parking regulations from inside the the town. • Liberty hookup near me Worcester out-of message and you can liberty out-of faith are merely two of brand new legal rights Us citizens are supposed to appreciate. volume (100 % free kwin find) n. step one. what amount of moments some thing are regular in this a specific specified time; quantity of oscillations each time; 2. a continual otherwise recurring density • When anything vibrates between on 31 and you may sixteen,100000 moments for every 2nd, their regularity is in the variety of normal human hearing. • Supersonic frequencies is actually above the selection of people hearing, if you are subsonic wavelengths is actually below that range. • The fresh regularity out-of vehicles horn honkings when you look at the Amanda’s neighborhood means four each hour.

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