This is simply not understood why the newest Akkadians called the southern homes Shumeru

This is simply not understood why the newest Akkadians called the southern homes Shumeru

The new Sumerians named it ki-en-gir15 (practically, ‘place of your own gentle lords’). It could possibly getting an effective dialectal enunciation of Sumerian word kiengir. That it opportunity is suggested of the Emesal dialect form ‘dimmer’ for the term ‘dingir’.

I penned to help you Dr. Postgate, >>Did you write-in your publication Early Mesopotamia: People and you may Economy at >> Beginning of the past you to definitely ki-en-gi setting ‘land of your own Sumerian tongue’? Therefore, >>is that as you believe that eme, ‘tongue; language’ turned durante, ‘dignitary; >>lord; ancestor (statue); large priest’, using singing assimilation?

The guy replied having an affirmative, >Admittedly Sumerologists have not gone far to own consonantal assimilation, >however, supposed away from emegir in order to engir cannot have a look too much fetched, and it demonstrates to you >as to why this has -roentgen since a last consonant. Aage Westenholz along with advised an equivalent >etymology independently. What’s more, it is alright considering the combinations including ki-unug >”Warka property” which happen to be also maybe not genitival syntagms. They nonetheless appears to me an enthusiastic >economical services.

It appears it is possible to. As it happens there are few instances of ki-en-gi-ra2 and this can be interpreted as the a no cost-reputation genitival syntagm – We only look for a few on the Win out-of Utu-Hengal, ETCSL transliteration : c.2.step 1.6.

I got simply never heard it or thought about they up until recently

For individuals who glance at my composed lexicon’s advised reinterpretation out-of saj-ji6[gig2]-ga since the with to start with created ‘native persons’, unlike their exact concept of ‘the black colored-headed’, you will see that I am available to consonantal assimilation slowly changing terminology which were after that reinterpreted throughout the prominent wisdom and you will writing.

To which, Dr. Postgate answered, >Really in reality In my opinion even both people instances are pulled just like the locatives: >while the advised because of the bi2- prefix in-line dos, and by new ETCSL translation >(“in the Sumer”) in line 21. > >Carry out by all means mention myself, I am still proud of they.

>I happened to be viewing Buffy the Vampire Slayer on television and additionally they told you anything >for the Sumerian. I desired to know what they told you and so i hopped on to the web so you’re able to >see just what I will select.

The latest etymology of Akkadian title is unfamiliar

>I came across others who had been trying to find out just what it suggested and that i discovered >their dictionary webpages. We featured using your web site, however, was not too profitable since the >You will find zero experience with the text whatsoever. I was assured you will be able >so you can change it in my situation.

>Si-mu-ud = Mars ‘dark or soft horns/rays’ ‘s the possible interpretation, but in the place of the remainder, I really don’t recall actually viewing so it title made use of. Would you let me know in which which label happen?

>Mul-sag-me-gar = Jupiter sag-me = mesu II = ‘cult, rites’ and you may gar = ‘to establish’, however it is usually authored Droop-ME-GAR to demonstrate that people are not sure of the brand new pronunciation, because it has also been good logogram for Neberu, which calls to mind Nippur, the fresh new Sumerian’s cult heart.

>Of them ‘gu-ud’ a style of direction ‘gu4-ud’ (=bull of sunrays) and you can ‘sag-us’ is actually >definitely ‘sag-us2’ (=regular superstar), ‘mul’ is ‘star’ however, I am not sure concerning other people. >Might you end up being thus form regarding mention a correct helping to make of one’s five kostenlose indische soziale Netzwerke für Dating terms?

udu-idim is actually ‘wild sheep’. You will find zero textual gloss or actual research your cues have been check out this means, in place of udu-bad, and that, meaning ‘dead sheep’, would refer to the new planets since omens, however, Benno Landsberger with his extensive experience in Sumerian deduced you to definitely this is actually the very likely reading.

Regarding almost every other significance regarding gu4-ud I would personally infer the Sumerians themselves knew globally Mercury, and i also may have seen nin-si4-an-na inside a beneficial Sumerian textual context, although most other names just occur in later contexts, so i don’t know exactly how very early they were designed and applied.

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